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In process, Towards Melancholic Space

Treated paper, Elastic, Brass, wire, sewing thread

Situated in the Apartment of Ivan Cheng,
Amsterdam NL, 2017

In process towards a melancholic space

I scanned the room
To trace all of her imperfections
Memory held by the cracks and half filled holes
A present past

I entered an elsewhere
A space of my own making
Between what was and what was desired

I placed the banal on a pedestal, the infra ordinary
And slowly worked it into a state of decay

Deconstructed from a series of fleeting half memories made visible,
Congealed and flattened into an impossible space of collapsed structure and time

Something new emerged


I pressed myself into it so that it might come to life again

A plastic progression
Contradiction as a condition
The tension between
Rejection and acceptance
Between rigidity and elasticity
Between light and shadow
Between day and night


This space is moulded to this place

Nothing is forever
In given time, new tears will be mended
And In the cracks and the folds
A new memory will hold