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Emerging from a cracking moment, Nov, 2019.
Edible space created in collaboration with Francesca Lucchitta for the exhibition Is Everything Okay? Casa#2,
Casanumber0, Amsterdam, NL.

Material: Flour, water, olive oil, salt, pepper, herbs, seeds, string, wood.

Emerging from a cracking moment, an edible space that explores the potentiality for shifting structures through personal and collective agency. The delicate nature of the space forces one to engage with a specific awareness and intention. If encountered blindly the risk of collapse is great, making it less likely for any nourishing experience to take place. It is through slow consumption and digestion alike, that the space opens up to its true function and demonstrates that what emerges from the work through active engagement lies beyond its materiality. Paradoxically, the quality of its material manifestation also holds intention, giving an indication of how it is wished that it be received. With care.

Photographs by: Francesca Lucchitta