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Shatkona Mandala Garden, a year long project designed and produced for A Quinta Da Lage: A regenerative agricultural farm located in southwest Portugal. Shatkona refers to the hexagram, two interlocking triangles that form a six pointed star. This sacred geometrical symbol represents the union of opposites, in this case Shiva (the fire element) and Shakti (the water element), the masculine energy and the feminine energy, together forming the origin of life. The symbol also speaks to Anahata, where the lower three chakras and the higher three chakras meet at the heart chakra, the place of "unstruck sound." It also functions as a bridging agent between the wild oak forest and the cultivated/cultured human made landscape.

A healing gesture; the garden is comprised of many perennial medicinal herbs and flowers, creating an medicinal sanctuary for visitors, residents and many other beings alike.

The photographs presented are process photos from the beginning in Aug 2020 - Aug 2021.

A special thank you to the many Beings, hearts and hands that helped along the way to develop the garden and to those who will carry it forward!
Garden before project started, July 2020
Garden before project started, July 2020 .jpg
Staking the ground, Aug 2020 .jpg
Laying the pattern, Aug 2020
Constructing raised beds, Sep 2020
Constructing raised beds, Sep 2020
Constructing raised beds, Sep 2020
Mulching for soil protection
Raised bed construction, Sep 2020
Raised bed construction, Oct 2020
Garden after resting period, Dec 2020
Outer bed construction, Dec 2020 Jan 2021.jpg
Seed plan, Jan 2021
Laying irrigation, Jan 2021 .jpg
Paving Jan 2021
Paving, Jan 2021
Paving, Jan 2021
Paving, Jan 2021
Installing drip lines, Feb 2021 Feb 2021.jpg
Seedlings, Feb 2021
Garden entry rework, March 2021
Entry re-do, Mar 2021
Garden View, Mar 2021 march 2021.jpg
Seedlings, March 2021 April .jpg
Seedlings, April 2021
Paving, May 2021
Garden View, June 2021
Paving, July 2021
Garden, July 2021
Garden View, Aug 2021
Ladys bedstraw, Aug 2021
Garden View, Aug 2021 .jpg
Drone Photo, Aug 2021