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Melancholy; A Question of Plasticity 2016
Silk Screen Cover and Interior, 1 Etching, 3 copper relief prints, Xerox/Photocopied text on vellum and recycled paper. 8 x 10.5.
Edition of 10.

Melancholy; A Question of Plasticity, is a small book (folio) comprised of loose prints and bits of appropriated text reflecting my ongoing research and experiments into the topic of Melancholy and Plasticity. It is a boundless book so that the viewer may pull all of the contents out and arrange them how they see fit. I made this book during a residency at The Frans Masereel Centrum in Kasterlee Belgium. It was an opportunity to not only learn different printmaking methods but examine how printmaking as a process could lend itself to the subject of my research. In Process is an on going project that will result in different investigations and methods in the future. Only a select few images and text are displayed in the following documentation.